DOWNLOAD Download guidelines, waiver, regulations and all documents you will need in PDF format

Hell’s race consent form Before registering for the event, please read these instructions carefully.

Before you register, it is important that you read and complete your waiver which can be downloaded and printed here. Please remember that your waiver needs to be legible, filled out completely, signed, and uploaded, together with a valid medical certificate, to the management system by the date shown in the summary under the selected race. There may be a chance to register the day of the race, if possible it will be communicated by our Facebook page with all the instructions.

Please read the instructions below carefully as to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

PER NON AVERE UN DIAVOLO PER CAPPELLO tutte le indicazioni per non avere brutte sorprese

A) 30 and 60 days before prima di ogni evento i prezzi aumentano.

B) Customised breastplate and t-shirt are guaranteed if you register 18 days before the event.

C) You can change race, category and heat up to 18 days before the event paying a surcharge for the administration charge.

D) In order to attend the competition, it is mandatory to upload the management software and upload all the requested documents up to 10 days before the event. The documents will be checked and approved every Tuesday before 8 pm and you will get the possibility to download the ticket in pdf format that you will hand over to withdraw the race kit. If you have not uploaded all the documents requested by that hour, you can still hand it over the day of the race with an additional 20,00 € surcharge for the administration fee.

E) Online registration closes 10 days before the event. Payment must be done within this deadline.

F) Medal are guaranteed if you register 10 days before the event.

G) You can still register the day of the race by handing all the documentation requested over. During the race day it is possible to withdraw the race kit in specific hours that will be announced a few days before the event.

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